Celebrating Therapeutic Glucose Ketone Index (GKI) of 1!

The glucose ketone index is a ratio to track your metabolic state. Dr. Thomas Seyfried suggests in his book, Cancer as a Metabolic Disease, that you aim for a GKI between 0.7  to 2.o with a goal of 1. Today, Todd hit 1! When fighting cancer with the Ketogenic Diet,  the goal is to deplete the supply of sugar/glucose to the cancer cells and elevate the blood ketone level between 2-5 mmol depending on who you ask. Elevated ketone bodies have a very promising effect on shrinking tumors in lab & case studies.   Getting your blood glucose down & ketones elevated can be a challenging task for some. What works for some may not for others. Through trial & error, Todd found out that tomatoes, almonds & too much dairy will kick him out of ketosis. There are many factors that play into the equation of raising glucose including too much protein to any type of stress on the body.

Here’s how we got to 1. Precision Xtra monitor measure blood glucose in mg/dl and ketones in mmol so the glucose needs to be converted into mmol.

65 mg / 18 = 3.6 mmol glucose

3.6mm g / 3.6 mm k = GKI of  1

GKI Research Article

Miriam Kalamian’s book, Getting Started with the Ketogenic Diet for Cancer




Dr. Thomas Seyfried and I at the 1st Annual Conference on Ketogenic Diet & Metabolic Therapies


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