Brain Octane MCT Oil – Pure Caprylic Acid

Everyone is asking, “What is MCT oil?” Here’s the answer,  what is does & how to use it! MCT oils convert into ketones which are the preferred fuel for your brain!, they give you energy, satiate you, reduce cravings and fire up metabolism! A necessity to everyone’s diet! Remember to start slow.

If you want a potent MCT oil it needs to be pure C-8 (Caprylic Acid). It’s the most ‪#‎ketone‬ producing (2xs as much as C-10), higher in ATP (energy) production, gets to the brain the quickest, restores gut flora and 1 tbsp is equivalent to 18 tbsp of coconut oil. All this gives you energy, improved brain function, satiety, reduced cravings which = ‪#‎fatloss‬. I can honestly say, if I had to choose 1 thing for the entire population to add to their diet, it would be ‪#‎MCToil‬.
Bulletproofs Brain Octane is good or Mickey T Eight MCT is non GMO but more $$. Check ebay and/or Amazon for deals!

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