Ketone supplement & cancer

Effects of Exogenous Ketone Supplement by Dr. D’Agostino

Keto//OS the 1st therapeutic ketone supplement on the market. As a personal trainer of 17yrs, this is the very first product I have came across that I feel 100% confident promoting. This product changes the game of fat loss and so much more. It has changed my life completely around in a couple weeks. I am more than excited to educate other on implementing exogenous ketones to improve overall well being.


  • Get the benefits of ketones WITHOUT being on diet
  • Greatly facilitates transition into ketogenic diet
  • Gets you back into ketosis after a cheat meal
  • Ketones are a natural appetite suppressant & significantly reduce cravings
  • Ketones give you sustained clean energy – no more afternoon slump!
  • Ketones are the preferred fuel for the brain, which means increases function, clarity, focus & better mood!
  • Ketones reduce inflammation
  • Better sleep which helps regulate hormones to improve health & fat loss
  • Ketones are good for gut health – better digestion
  • Ketones are muscle sparing – maintain & gain muscle with less effort & protein consumption
  • Ketones provide 30% more energy than glucose – improved workouts & recovery

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